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Listent to the working people! The Health Care bill is a bad bill that has been proven to be unaffordable in all the countries where it was implemented.
There, the quality and quantity diminished and is now rationed.
People from around the world come to the USA when they want quality health care. Where will we go when we implement it??
It will be a very big intrusion into everyone's lives because if you are alive, there isn't a single thing around that doesn't have an impact
on your health and wellbeing. That gives the government to right control everything you do or buy or where and how you live, all in the name of keeping
you healthy. The free care will be denied or penalized or cost you more because you are choosing to live as a Free person.
Your rights and freedoms to choose will be taken away. It is already happening with the new concern on obesity. Smokers are already demonized and penalized.
Think the worst and it will happen. Just like we never thought this could happen.
Adolf Hitler promised free health care and look what that helped to bring about. It has failed wherever it's been tried. It leads to rationing where the old people who
are not working and paying taxes are the last to receive doctors appointments because they are not considered important to their society any longer. It is happening
in England right now.
It is one of the steps that leads to socialism and then on to communism.
And we do not choose to become a European socialist type of country.
The state of NM, and the US government can't afford what this will cost, in taxes and reduced services, and we choose
NOT become a socialist country!

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