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If the budget priorities that are discussed in this article are true account of current discretionary fund allocation, which I am sure they are, then I share the same thought that it is our elected officials “civic duty” to be able to adapt and address the real needs of our people and our communities. I also agree that the three “basic services” that Fieldman mentions are essential pieces of the dynamic puzzle that that need to be addressed to ensure our communities and people are safe and secure no matter what events transpire. It seems obvious to me that allocating the majority of the discretionary budget to outdated weapons programs, which causes funding cuts for essential first responders, is not exactly “civic duty”.
I understand that our armed forces need the proper funding to successfully carry out the missions they are called on to do. The current military situation has hit close to home for me and I have witnessed soldiers preparing for war and having to spend personal savings to ensure they have the most sophisticated equipment available. We are spending on “cold war” era weapons and today’s soldier must use their personal savings to be properly equipped on the battlefield. I also receive solicitations from the local fire and police departments requesting donations for the purchase of new equipment. Again, why fund “cold war” era weapons and subject first responders to soliciting for new equipment.
I believe it is our elected officials “civic duty” to address the real needs of our people and our communities. Furthermore, it the peoples “civic duty” to make sure this is being done and speak up and take action when it is not.

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