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I have been a New Mexico resident for about four years. I am a mother of two children, work full time, and attend college full time. I find it very hard to accept that I hold two college degrees and still can not afford to pay the cost of healthcare for myself and most importantly my children. I feel that this should be a top priority for the state to implement some kind of healthcare benefits for families that don’t qualify for Medicaid because they make too much money, yet can not afford to pay for it on their own. I know that there are other countries that offer healthcare to all of their citizen and taxes pay for the program. I feel this is a great idea. I know I would not mind paying an extra tax so I know that my children can get proper medical treatment when it is needed. I should not have to worry about pulling money from my children’s college (savings funds) to pay for unforeseen medical costs. I do have them covered when it is time for yearly physicals or vaccinations, but it costs for that as well. I save up a little each month so I know that I can afford it when that time comes around. I would not mind paying a little extra in taxes so not only my children have access to medical treatment but I know all the children in New Mexico have access to medical treatment. I don’t think you would find many citizens that would have an issue with the extra tax. I know it is not easy to implement something of this magnitude. I know there is a lot of politics and red tape that has to be gone through, but I also know this is important and the children are in need. I could never figure out why I heard/hear more about a Panda Exhibit than a solution to our healthcare problem in a state that is the leader in child poverty.
One last comment, I don't undertand the Social Securities new Early Death Insetive. "signing an agreement to perish within five years, or quadruple their payouts by dying within three." I just can't belive the wording used!

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